MIMO DSP Platform is a research and development platform ideal for video algorithm development.

The algorithm implementation is placed at the center of the architecture, and the opposing input/output systems enable seamless handling of video data input, calculation processing, and output of calculation results. The MIMO DSP Platform is the result of joint development between Crescent, Inc and Liberal Logic Inc.

We have created a powerful environment to assist algorithm researchers in their software development.

Algorithm research and developers devote much of their time to research on algorithms. Software development is just a means to an end, but it is also a field that requires a lot of expertise and takes a lot of time to learn. With this in mind, we have focused on providing an environment where algorithm developers can proceed with the implementation and evaluation of their algorithms as smoothly as possible.

Ultra Wideband Data Flow Architecture

Designing for ultra-wideband data flow architectures requires special considerations. The MIMO DSP Platform provides a framework for easy implementation of ultra-wideband data flow through a fully event-driven design. It can easily support multiple channels of input and output, greatly expanding the possibilities of research and development.

Useful built-in plug-ins

Optional built-in plug-ins are also available. It can immediately support SDI using Bluefish 444 video input/output cards and video input/output using NewTek NDI. It is one of the few algorithm development solutions that can reach not only the algorithm development results, but also the application domain.

A wide variety of sample projects

The structure required to implement the algorithm can be learned from a wide variety of sample projects. It is an ideal starting point for implementing algorithms using CUDA, OpenCV, and C/C++. You can also use the sample projects as a starting point for developing your own algorithms, or as a convenient research tool in the early stages of R&D.

Since the design concept of the MIMO DSP Platform was clear, we were able to start developing the algorithms immediately. Since we were able to speed up the first stage of development, we felt more relaxed and were able to devote more time to idea generation and trial runs.


In the past, when we developed algorithms, we were limited to just looking at file-based simulation results. After installing the MIMO DSP Platform, we can immediately check the results of the algorithm operation using video images, which is an unprecedented improvement in development efficiency.


The challenge before our implementation was that we had to solve a huge amount of software development issues before we could develop algorithms. The MIMO DSP Platform provides a specialized software framework for algorithm development, so we only had to think about the algorithms.


I'm so glad there are people in the world who are providing us with the perfect environment for our needs! They have freed us from the tedious task of holistic design and have made it possible for us to set up new areas of challenge for our business. This is a milestone for our small team of developers!


As the times are changing dramatically, our mission is to build a new IT-based video and audio system. We are using the MIMO DSP Platform as a foundation for our research and development, and this structure will continue for the next few years. It is also true that our exposure to the MIMO DSP Platform has provided us with new stimulation in its design and documentation.